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Album #3! In the works

Since getting the thumbs up on some funding and Gus’ schedule, we’re now fully on our way to making the next record this year. More pre-production is happening in Montreal in May.

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Behind the scenes on the set of “Level With Me”

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Free track download “Blue Sky”

If you still want to get the free download of “Blue Sky” it is available right here! www.thejunction.ca/mailer

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New music video for “Level With Me”, our last single from “Another Link In The Chain” Hope you like balls!

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East coast here we come!

Tour dates are up and we’re driving out right now. Our focus for this tour is simple…fun :) 

New video is can be viewed on Much Music and AUX TV right now, both on the telly and the net! We’ll have a youtube link soon enough.

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Jackson’s top 10 of 2010

Junip - Fields

Dr. Dog - Shame, Shame

Spoon - Transference

Foals - Total Life Forever

Midlake - The Courage Of Others

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat The Devils Tattoo

Tame Impala - Innerspeaker

The Black Keys - Brothers

Ryan Adams And The Cardinals - III/IV

By Divine Right - Mutant Message

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What are we doing?

It’s been a little while since we’ve sent out an update with what we’ve been doing. And I suppose that’s because we’ve been cooped up in our jam space hashing out the next record, aside from the weeks worth of shows we recently did around Ontario.

The writing is going well. I won’t go into much detail about them, but we feel like we’re growing; probably the most important factor for any musician wanting to make music.

Next month will be more writing and also shooting a music video for “level with me”. The team is looking to make this video the best one yet.

And as for playing out in the world, we’re in the midst of booking more shows in Eastern Canada for February. I really hope we get to hit NFLD this time!

Love y’all!

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Busking for Change - War Child

This September 21st 2010, we’ll be playing in some random places in TO in an effort to raise money for War Child. You can help sponsor us here. http://wcc.r-esourcecenter.com/Event/FundraisingPage.asp?Participant_ID=209&Event_ID=19


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Thanks to everyone for another great Scenefest. 

We’ve got an acoustic EP being mixed as we speak. Look forward to letting you all hear it. Thanks again.

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East Coast!

We’re in the van in the name of rock and roll! If you are in east coast canada take a look at our tour dates! June is a sweet month to be on the road.

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Big thanks to Mitch for filming and creating the site! Blue sky is B-side from “Another Link in the Chain”. We’ll be releasing the recorded version of this song digitally, soon!

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Hockey Night In Canada!

Saturday 7pm EST our 2nd single “No Road” will be getting spun for Hockey Night in Canada! Leafs vs Habs. We’re pumped!!

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